Videomass 5.0.2

Videomass is a free, open source FFmpeg GUI frontend able to convert most popular video, audio and image formats through a simple drag and drop interface. It provides a graphical interface that lets you select the files to convert and configure most of the important parameters through FFmpeg. Videomass2 comes with several predefined conversion profiles and also supports custom encoder settings for advanced users where you can import or save new presets with your personal profiles, delete, modify or restore new profiles. You can also customize the drop down menus for formats, dimensions, codecs etc. Videomass2 includes a handy preview features that allows you to test your settings by encoding a small clip from the video without the need to process the entire movie. The program uses ffmpeg (included) for doing all the grunt work.

Videomass features:
Drag n' Drop with multiple files at once.
Batch processing for all included features
Presets manager interface with fully customizable and expandable profiles.
Possibility to create your new presets and profiles from scratch.
Dedicated interfaces: presets manager, video and audio conversions
Displaying information from streams analyzer.
Playback for imported files and last exported file.
Real-time video filters preview on the video conversions interface.
Supports all formats and codecs available with FFmpeg.
Three audio normalization modes: Peak, RMS and EBU R128.
Audio index from videos selectable to apply normalization.
View video information without downloading it.
Peak level-based audio normalization.
RMS-based audio normalization.
EBU R128 audio normalization.
Setting duration portions for imported files, filters, export and tests.
Ability to download videos using the 'format code'.
Download multiple URLs from YouTube with your settings.
Log management.
Multi language (English and Italian Languages support for now).
...and much more.

Videomass2 Screenshot

Latest version: 5.0.2 (26 Jun 2023)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10/11
Download: Videomass-v5.0.3_x86_64-portable.7z (136.0 MB)

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