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Developed by Google, WebM is a high-quality, free video file format designed for the web. A file with the .WEBM file extension is a WebM Video file. The WEBM container format is based on the Matroska container that stores video in .MKV. To open a .webm file, you can use pretty much any modern web browser, including Chrome, Firefox or IE. The WebM Video file format is also supported by Windows Media Player (as long as DirectShow Filters are installed), VLC or Media Player Classic. In order to play WebM files on Windows Media Player, you should first install the WebM DirectShow Filters. Once the filters are installed on your system, applications that use the DirectShow framework (such as Windows Media Player) will be able to play WebM media. The official WebM/VP8 DirectShow filters do not include software for the OGG Vorbis audio. To play audio in WebM files you'll also need Vorbis audio support by installing the Xiph.org Open Codecs.

Open and play WebM files in Windows Media Player:

For Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7 or 8, install the WebM Media Foundation Components (WebM for IE9+). Though the components refer to Internet Explorer 9, installing them will add system-wide WebM support in applications that use Media Foundation.

For earlier versions of Windows Media Player, just install the WebM DirectShow filters. As indicated above, be sure to also install the Vorbis audio filters (Xiph.org Open Codecs).

WebM plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro:

Premiere and Media Encoder plug-in to use WebM, Google's open source movie format for the web. Includes the next-generation VP9 video codec along with the current-generation VP8 video codec. Audio is stored with either the Opus or Vorbis audio codecs. (requires Premiere Pro CS6 Media Encoder CS6 or later).

WebM DirectShow Filters Screenshot

WebM DirectShow Filters

Latest version: (30 Jan 2015)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Download: WebM DirectShow Filters (1.3 MB)
Download: WebM for IE9+ | Offline Installer (1.0 MB)
Download: WebM plugin for Adobe Premiere 1.1.2 (2.1 MB)

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