MPC-BE or Media Player Classic Home Cinema Black Edition Mod is a light-weight media player that supports all common video and audio file formats available. The BE Mod (Black Edition Mod) is a heavily modified version of Media Player Classic Home Cinema, much better looking than the plain old MPC. MPC-HC BE Mod is usually newer because they use the latest SVN the most up-to-date version of the code. MPC-BE can use either the codecs that you installed to your system, or its own codecs without affecting the rest of your system. Thus you are able to play almost all video and audio formats even on a system where no codecs were installed, such as MPEG, WMV, Quicktime (MOV), DIVX, Real Video, MJPEG, H.261, H.263, H.264, HuffYUV, Indeo 3/4/5, Theora and others. While being very easy to use, MPC-BE is loaded with many advanced features. You can select audio tracks and subtitles in multi-track videos, or even load audio and subtitles from separate files etc.

MPC-BE version changelog:
Fixed handling of transparency settings OSD.
Fixed display Win7 taskbar preview of the above.
Removed enhanced support opening graphic formats.
Removed ability to save screenshots and thumbnails formats webp/psd/tga.
Fixed creation of default.mpcpl.
Fixed display SeekBar when playing Flash files.
Fixed getting the frame rate to auto-switch frequencies using MediaInfo.
Fixed the field "created" in the properties of the file being played.
Added check for updates.
Improved YouTube, added to obtain information about the author, title, description and date of publication.
Added support for YouTube live streaming (requires LAVSplitter).
Removed support VIMEO (because it did not work).
Changed opening playlists from YouTube, after the opening of the current clip starts playing.
Playlist from YouTube is now loaded only when the option "Load playlist".
Fixed auto-save screenshots for YouTube.
Added support for subtitles when opening clips YouTube. [full release notes]

MPC-BE Screenshot

MPC-BE Interface

Latest version: (17 Jan 2015)
License: Open Source
System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Download 32-bit: (9.8 MB)
Download portable: MPC-BE.1.4.3.x86.7z (8.9 MB)
Download 64-bit: (10.6 MB)
Download portable: MPC-BE.1.4.3.x64.7z (9.7 MB)
Download: 70 MC-BE Backgrounds (1.0 MB)

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